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Outstanding jewellery handmade in Mauritius - Bernd Wilhelm

No matter if you are here for business or holiday, celebrating your honeymoon or wedding, or simply being interested in extraordinary and german handcrafted jewellery, then you should not miss out the german jewellery manufacturers on the island of Mauritius.

Bernd Wilhelm and Zea Design von Martin Beffert, two german jewellers, who learned their art many years ago in the german city of Pforzheim, the center of jewellery in Germany, looking forward to welcome you in their workshop and showroom. You will see very quickly, that they are producing high class jewellery which is excelling overpriced imported sales goods by far. At Bernd Wilhelm and Zea you will find honest german handcrafted jewellery at unbeatable prices.
At their workshop you can also learn their different ways of creating their outstanding pieces. Why not having your special wedding rings done in Mauritius as your very unique "souvenir" from the Indian Ocean island?
Part 1: Bernd Wilhelm Family traditionBernd …